Rob Naiman is a straightforward, honest, and fair-minded commercial property owner who looks after his tenants and the buildings they reside in. I regularly show his retail and office properties to my clients seeking space in Downtown/Central Denver.

George Moseley
Consultant at Sheldon-Gold Realty
“After 18 years of renting from Rob Naiman we are excited to have signed on with him for another location in downtown Denver. As a family business we have always felt that he looks out for our best interests, whether it is fixing a leaky pipe in our store or telling us about a new spot that he has available. This is why we feel confident that he is the right person to be expanding our business with. He connects with us not only on a business, but personal level as well. We hope to continue this relationship for many years to come”.

John, Patty and Peter Sherman
Owners of Moe’s Broadway Bagels
"I met Rob Naiman when I became one of his tenants seven years ago. At that time, I never imagined our tenant/landlord relationship would grow beyond that. I have found that his dedication, attention to details, and character is what has enabled our relationship to grow. In addition to the friendship that we have created, I now have a valuable resource when I need advice in regard to my growing brand."

Alex Seidel
Chef/Owner Fruition Restaurant
“Le' Bakery Sensual has found a home at 6th & Grant for over 22 years with The Robert L Naiman Company. The building is always kept in perfect condition, the parking lot well maintained and the landscaping and sidewalks are always immaculate. We are definitely here to stay!"

John Spotz
Owner le' Bakery Sensual
“As real estate brokers, we've found that Rob, and The Robert L. Naiman Company, is a group that thoroughly knows its market, is focused, and acts quickly. He navigates entitlements, manages a fresh design, and is patient enough to find the right tenants. Rob does this all in service of a finished product that is additive to this place we all love, Denver. These reasons, not to mention that Rob is highly ethical and just a downright nice guy, keep The Robert L. Naiman Company at the top of our list when we find the latest lead.”

Hayden Hirschfeld and Dorit Makovsky-Fischer
Shames Makovsky Realty Company